Creating Opportunity in Southside Richmond


The twenty-six warehouses of Clopton Siteworks were once owned and operated by tobacco giant Philip Morris. For years, the facilities anchored the surrounding neighborhood with good-paying tobacco industry jobs. By 2012, however, the last warehouse was shuttered and what was once a hive of economic activity had become a “ghost town,” to quote the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

With a vision to restore the site’s economic vitality, Clopton Siteworks re-invented the historic timber-frame structures as flexible office and warehouse space. The refurbished buildings have attracted a diverse community of young businesses--the economy’s engines of new job creation. As the community grows and more warehouses are refurbished and occupied, Clopton Siteworks has the potential to create as many as 500 jobs for Southside Richmond.


Focus on Jefferson Davis Corridor


Clopton Siteworks attracts businesses and jobs to the Jefferson Davis Corridor by re-inventing and re-establishing business vitality where it had once thrived. This approach benefits the residents of the surrounding neighborhoods as much as it provides an opportunity for young businesses, helping to play a part in the ongoing growth of Southside Richmond.


Who we are


Clopton Siteworks is a project of Lynx Ventures, a firm headquartered less than two miles away. Lynx invests in communities and their well-being. The firm’s projects restore the promise of communities by creating sustainable economic revitalization, resilience, and vibrancy.